Basic recipes for everyday life

This is a cookbook that compiles the ABC of the kitchen. The dishes that we all savored as children at home, not at parties and special occasions, but day after day for lunch and dinner.

There are not all those that are … but they are all that are, these are the basic recipes that you should know how to do with your eyes closed even if you are not a cooker. They are easy to make with the ingredients that are usually found in every pantry and will allow you to maintain a healthy and tasty Mediterranean diet.

Whether you are a university student away from home, or if you have just become independent, or if you have simply never been interested in the kitchen of a lifetime … this is definitely your recipe book.

Download Basic recipes for everyday life

Free downloadable

You can easily share the free downloadable tummy with friends and family via email. You can also print and save them in a folder so they are always at hand in the kitchen, or put them in your fridge. At Rechupete Recipes we like to make your life easier!

Tip: If you keep the printed sheets in laminated sleeves you will keep them safe from food stains and they will last you many years.

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