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Watermelon sorbet and jasmine tea

Watermelon sorbet and jasmine tea


  • Very easy
  • 15 minutes
  • For 4 people
  • 0.6 € / person

This hot summer you can not miss the famous sorbets in your fridge  , they are easy desserts, perfect for good hydration due to their large amount of water and full of salts and vitamins based on fruit . Also at home we are very fond of tea, immense amounts of this drink are drunk and I decided to try it with some fruit. The flavor of the pulp of the watermelon has a watery, porous and very juicy texture that goes great for a Jasmine tea, it also provides a sweet point, a super refreshing combination that you have to try.

Sorbets have been present in our houses since Roman times, because, like everyone, they liked fresh drinks and in summer they chilled wine and water. According to the Epicurean Quintus Maximus Gurcus , the emperor Nero in 62 AD, offered his guests a concoction consisting of crushed fruits, honey and snow that he brought from the Alps. In a way it was the first fruit sorbet in history,  it is still curious that a few thousand years later the procedure is almost the same. Much later they became popular in the Victorian era to aid digestion at long banquets, served plate to plate.

A varied diet includes fruit yes or yes in our day to day, fresh fruit sorbets are a perfect idea so that our children do not get bored of taking it always in the same way. They will order them themselves at all hours, they are much better than ice creams because they do not contain fats and also more refreshing due to their high liquid content. A healthy and very nutritious dessert , 100% yummy.

Preparation of the sorbet:

  1. First we prepare an infusion of jasmine tea, for this we let the leaves rest in hot water (about 85º C, which does not boil or will make the tea bitter) for 3 minutes and filter them. This is the most suitable method for preparing tea as it offers the best flavor result by releasing more essential oils. Let it cold down.
  2. We make lemon juice and strain possible seeds, add the lemon juice and sugar to the tea and mix well. We transfer it to a plastic ice bucket or to bags to make ice cubes and freeze until it solidifies.
  3. We remove the rind and cut the pulp of the watermelon into cubes, remove the possible seeds and put them in a frozen bag. We put in the freezer and leave about two hours until it is solidified. In important so that later the sorbet has consistency.
  4. To make a good sherbet we need a chopper or whisk glass with some power, because we are going to chop ice and frozen fruit. Add the jasmine tea cubes and the watermelon pieces to the chopper glass and beat until we have a kind of granita in which the ice chips are not visible.
  5. Serve the semi-frozen mixture with a creamy consistency in a tall glass and serve with mint or mint leaves and a watermelon wedge skewer. Simply delicious.
  6. As with ice cream, once done and if we are going to keep it in the freezer, we need to beat the sorbet from time to time, to avoid crystals from forming inside the mixture. I like a little liquid sorbet, which can be drunk as if it were a slush but if you let it freeze longer you can present it in balls just like ice cream.

As a detail to make this dessert an adult pleasure, I advise you to add a shot of vodka to your sorbet to have a combination, dessert and glass at the same time.

Curiosities about Jasmine and Watermelon Tea


  • The jasmine tea is tea with added jasmine flowers that originated during the times of the Song Dynasty (960-1279). Its flavor is subtly sweet and works great for a sherbet like Watermelon.
  • It has a lot of properties, it is an antispasmodic, stimulant, antidepressant, antiseptic and they say that it is an aphrodisiac . In its purest form, when it evaporates, it creates a relaxed atmosphere and excites the senses. Jasmine tea is perhaps the most famous scented tea in China.
  • They say it is an aphrodisiac because it stimulates the female sexual organs, I cannot assure you 100%, but you already know that the head influences these issues a lot, so if you have positive results in this sorbet, please do not stop sending me a mail :). The most curious thing and this is verifiable truth is that it is a natural thermal regulator , because in hot times like this summer it regulates the temperature for being a diuretic, avoiding the famous blows and dizziness of the heat.


  • This fruit originating in Africa has a great presence and spread throughout Asia, although its consumption is widespread throughout the world. Very few do not know the Citrullus Lanatus , also called watermelon, melancia, patilla, paitilla, aguamelón or water melon , the fruit of the watermelon, plant of the cucurbit family, which produces large fruits and protected by a hard bark .
  • Watermelon can be said to be the fruit that contains the most amount of water (93%), so its caloric value is very low, just 20 calories per 100 grams. The levels of mineral salts are not very relevant, being potassium and magnesium the most outstanding, these help the transmission and generation of the nervous impulse and for normal muscular activity, it intervenes in the balance of water inside and outside the cell.
  • It is a fruit very rich in vitamin A , in the form of carotenes , which gives this fruit a deep red color. This component has very beneficial medicinal properties for the body. It also has antioxidant properties due to vitamin C , which aids in the formation of collagen, making it ideal for wound healing, cuts and burns. Let’s take a shot of vitamins that with the combination of tea or other fruits that you like can become a home remedy for a life full of health.

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