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Tomato and almond gazpacho

Tomato and almond gazpacho


  • Very easy
  • 15 minutes
  • For 6 people
  • 0.8 € / person
  • 202kcal per 100g.

How to make gazpacho with nuts . Cold soups are a good way to start the summer when you fancy fresh foods that alleviate these heats.

You already know the recipes on the blog are not fixed, I am left with the concept of reinventing the Andalusian gazpacho , which of course is very good, but sometimes you want to vary it a little. I love these types of cold soups, they are ideal for the summer and I can drink liters.

On a visit to Almería I tried a soup very similar to Mikel’s, although the tomato flavor was very subtle, I think they substituted part for water or broth, but I cannot tell you the proportions very well. So if any of you know of something about that Almeria recipe, please, you are already taking time to send it.

Preparation of the Gazpablanco

This cold tomato soup has a pleasant flavor of almonds and hazelnuts, which are perhaps the best nuts for tomato.

Its preparation is very simple, tomato, garlic and dried fruits are added to your choice, seasoned with extra soft virgin olive oil, vinegar and salt. You just have to shred and that’s it, but I will explain it to you in detail so that you can do it at home and repeat it again, you will surely like it.

  1. We clean the tomatoes that we are going to use well. Keep in mind that it is a recipe that is not cooked, and despite acidifying it with vinegar it is important that everything goes well clean.
  2. Cut the tomatoes into quarters, discarding the hard part of the trunk and add them to a large bowl.
  3. We cut the bread into small pieces and add a little water, let it rest for about 10 minutes. This way we help the bread to soften if it is very hard and it will be much easier to beat.
  4. We peel the garlic and, since we are going to use it raw, we remove the center so that it does not repeat. We add it to the bowl with the tomato, the raw almonds, the hazelnuts and the bread.
  5. We add the extra virgin olive oil, the sherry vinegar and the salt.

Shredding and final presentation of the gazpacho

  1. Crush with the mixer (better if you have an American mixer with a large glass) until we have a creamy liquid sauce.
  2. We pass this sauce through a strainer or a Chinese (a strainer with the holes somewhat larger than the metal mesh strainers) to remove possible pieces of skin and small nuggets that have remained until we are as fine as possible.
  3. We test if it is well of salt and if we do not rectify with a little more.
  4. We only have to put the bowl in the fridge and let it cool, in a couple of hours you will have it very fresh and perfect to try the best Andalusian gazpacho.
  5. At the time of the presentation, it is best to put it in a deep plate or bowl and accompany with your favorite garnish (I leave it to your choice).
  6. For example: tomato, ham of the good, onion, boiled egg, chives, green and red pepper in small cubes so that it is not annoying when taking it.

For me, in a glass and that’s it, directly for the body. Bon Appetite…

Luis story. Your gazpacho

From the south I recently received an email of those that are to save a lifetime.  Luis García Marín , a 41-year-old from Malaga, told me in a very emotional email, childhood memories, distant, beautiful and, as he says, already a little blurred. I spoke with him and he has let me share them with you all on the blog, thank you very much for your words, Luis.

“Daddy’s homeland was an orange grove like two bushels that dropped some fruits – God, go” navelates “and” wachintonas “- and spectacular vegetables, which now, with what I like to eat, I realize what I got into between chest and back. Maybe being urban and not having it anymore, I value it more, I don’t know. It is as if I savored it almost more intensely than then.

I’m sure the tomato thing was funny, but I assure you it was a pleasure from the gods. You would have enjoyed just like me, right !! The same as the liters of orange juice I had or the ripe picked strawberries from the bush… or those sweet, sweet, sweet peas !! I tell you: a privilege and a luxury.

Hey, and all very “ecological”, as you like now, that the manure fell there by trucks. Now I try to make my children eat everything. Fortunately, vegetables and fruit, which is the parents’ workhorse with the little ones, accept it very well.

I have seen my mother like a million times making gazpacho. I remember the summers of my childhood from the Torre de Benagalbón. The gazpacho fell by the liter. I almost see her in the middle of the job and I helping her.

My father had a piece of land and that “he threw” throughout the summer some fleshy, juicy, fragrant tomatoes, with a pulp and a point of acidity … OMG !! A bomb in the mouth. I went with him to the garden and a friend always came; We put them in a bucket of cold water and after two or three hours, in the middle of the midday haze, we took them fresh and we ate them in bites, freshly picked from the bush. What a luxury. 

Well, so much to say that I dared last week with the gazpacho of your recipe and … it is spectacular! That good!! My 4 year old daughter drinks the glasses as if they were water. I use an extra virgin from Fuente Piedra. Very, very, very rich. It gives it an intense but soft touch and together with sherry vinegar, which is another invention to take into account, it forms an amalgam that you already see: a success. But even my wife likes it! ”

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