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The sofrito. Tips and tricks to get you yummy

The sofrito. Tips and tricks to get you yummy


  • Easy
  • 35 minutes
  • For 4 people
  • 0.8 € / person
  • 220kcal per 100g.

How to make a yummy fry . The success of a recipe.

The first thing to be clear about is that frying is nothing more than light frying (that’s what the prefix -so- means).

And for this it is necessary to do it with time, over low heat, so as not to burn our elements. Usually it is made in an iron skillet.

In addition to the oil, tomato and onion, we can add other ingredients such as red pepper, green pepper, zucchini, carrot, eggplant, celery, leek and some garlic clove .

Today we will talk about how to make the sofrito with capital letters, all the tricks, tips and recommendations to make you feel delicious. Although the blog has a special with 3 stir-fries to prepare at home, ingredients and recipes so that you have ideas when it comes to cooking.

Through this technique, the vegetables used are disintegrating when they lose their water, while their nutrients, flavors and aromas are concentrated during the process.

The objective of a good sofrito is to improve our stews, rice dishes and stews, providing a concentrated and intense flavor to the final dish.

So it is important to be careful when using aromatic herbs and spices. You could load all the flavors …

Sofrito step by step . Tips and tricks to make it delicious

  1. Choose the ingredients. For this it is convenient to do a previous exercise: know why we make our sofrito. For a meat stew, for pasta, for vegetables or for fish. This will help us choose the ingredients that we want to add. And remember, the purpose of the sofrito is to enhance the flavor of the final dish, never mask it . So it is recommended that you do not load it with spices. 
  2. Use a good oil . Oil is one of the great protagonists in a sofrito. We need a very generous amount to fry our vegetables. For this reason, although it seems very obvious, it is necessary to use a good oil, a virgin olive oil. Of course new, nothing to reuse oil that may contain other flavors. What we want is to achieve a unique flavor in our sofrito.
  3. Chop the chosen ingredients . Add the ingredients you add, it is essential that all are well chopped . The tomato, for example, can be diced, chopped or grated. For that you can use your mincer. There are people who don’t like to find garlic afterwards, so they take it whole without itching, whole cloves, and remove them before serving. Here you choose.
  4. Slow fire . The fire, during the making of the sauce, should not be touched . That is why it is important that the entire process is carried out over low heat.
  5. Add ingredients for hardness . When frying we must take into account the hardness of each ingredient; that determines the order in which we should add them to the pan. We cannot fry everything at once because we would cook everything unevenly: we would burn some ingredients or leave others too raw. For the sauce to be perfect, we must first incorporate the onion, then the garlic and the peppers (if they are included in our recipe), then the carrots and finally the tomato, which is the ingredient that releases the most water.
  6. Cover the onion . In addition to being well chopped and simmering, there is another secret that makes the onion gain in texture and is even richer: cover it and add a little salt . When the onion is transparent (it is a mistake to wait for it to brown) we can add the next ingredient, which would be the garlic. 
  7. Tomato, homemade . It is essential, as with oil, that the tomato, the other great protagonist of the sofrito, is of very good quality. Forget about canned food or pre-cooked sauces. A good sofrito needs a good tomato . As we have already explained, it is the last ingredient that we add and we must also cook it over low heat.
  8. Patience . We talked before the time … perhaps we wanted to say patience . The truth is that to prepare a good sofrito you need both. As for almost everything, the rush is not a good friend when it comes to making a sofrito.

And remember: there is an anonymous saying that good food is announced to the nose from the kitchen . And few things win in smell of a good sofrito … So make yours the best and reach every corner of the house.

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