The Fried Webos Book. Recipes and moments.

Today I do not start with a recipe but with a good recommendation, a book that you can not stop having at hand when cooking, a gem that will be a benchmark in your kitchen. This book will cover those lifelong cookbooks or the family cookbook: “Fried Webos. Recipes and moments ”.

“In this book, readers will find the essence of fried webos: the gastronomic moments that are presented to all of us and that we want to help solve with these simple recipes. Not only are the best recipes on the blog present, but many other new ones with which we wanted to surprise our followers forever. ”

This is the presentation of Susana and Jesús, two kitchen cracks that have put together the most successful recipes on the blog and some new ones that will delight anyone. If you are followers of His and Jesus (you have them as a recommendation on the yummy blogroll) you will know that they take great care of their blog, that their recipes enter through the eyes thanks to the good work of Jesus with photography and that Susana does everything easy so we can cook it at home. They have been able to transmit all this in the book, and I can assure you that it is difficult. Imagine that you have about 200 recipes, that you love each and every one of them as a child, and of which you can only keep 88… ufff, quite an achievement!

The organization is great and very imaginative. They have classified the recipes by moments lived in the day to day: For misguided souls, I am in a hurry, Surprise your brother-in-law, Enjoy with friends, Shall we meet for coffee ?, Sunday snacks, That my in-laws come to eat !, Today I feel like the best chef, Dinner for two, It’s my son’s birthday, To take to the office …

It’s been two years since I launched my blog and before I had it online I was already following its adventures. Around the month of October last year I heard Susana’s voice for the first time thanks to a phone call and the minute it was as if I had known her for a lifetime. And in person this duo wins whole, I assure you. Thanks to the Jaen 2.0 EVOO meeting we have a beautiful experience and some very fun days learning the truth about extra virgin olive oil, partly thanks to the fried webos … hehe. There they were already with the delivery of the book to the fullest and with great enthusiasm. So I not only recommend the book, but I encourage you all to stop by the Book Fair in Madrid if you want to meet this couple , as they will be signing their book.

Saturday May 28, 2011 in the Pº del Duque de Fernán Nuñez (Jardines del Buen Retiro), in the “Madrid Book Fair”.

  • Booth 229 (Editorial citadel), from 12 to 14:30.
  • Booth 100 (A bookstore point) at 7:00 p.m.

If you do not have an opportunity, I explain how you can get hold of it, you can buy it in almost any bookstore or large area, but if you do not want to move from home, you can also buy it on

Fried Webos. Recipes and moments.

  • Authors: Susana Perez and Jesús Cerezo
  • Publisher: Ciudadela
  • Price: 23.90 euros.

And remember, if you live in Madrid be sure to stop by to kiss His and Jesus! I will be with Carlos from ” Let’s see what we cook today ” at around 12 o’clock so they can sign mine, I don’t miss it. Congratulations my friends and Vivan los webos!


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