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Red wine French toast

Red wine French toast


  • Half
  • 60 minutes
  • For 8 people
  • 0.4 € / person
  • 233kcal per 100g.

Red wine French toast recipe. This dessert is perfect for any celebration, but it seems to me that it would fit like a charm as one of the most famous dessert recipes for Easter, the red wine torrijas.

Who doesn’t like French toast ? And the wine? Well with this recipe you can not fail. Although it is very easy to prepare, I must admit that it will leave the kitchen full of pots. But the good thing about this Easter dessert is that it can be perfectly prepared a couple of days before any celebration and so you avoid rushing to pick up the kitchen the same day of the event in which you are going to serve them.

How many types of French toast can you find on the blog? I assure you that after all these years I have been accumulating and tasting French toast in many formats, with wine (the last ones I have prepared), the classic milk, with syrup, caramelized, with cinnamon, filled with pastry cream, with toffee, in canutillo shape, with chocolate, … come on, there are a lot of versions to which richer!

So I recommend you decide on good products, bought on time to avoid the high prices of these months and cook them with a creative touch and, if possible, cheap, like in these French toast … Don’t you think? With this  recipe for French toast , surely all your guests will be delighted.

A simple dessert that will make your Easter menu an unforgettable memory. So now you know how to prepare the menu you are going to prepare ahead of time and do not stop using yummy recipes to get good and cheap ideas for these dates.

Preparation of the wine infusion for the French toast

  1. The night before we are going to prepare an infusion of wine. In a medium-sized saucepan add 750 ml of wine, 400 ml of water, the skin of the orange, 300 g of sugar and the cinnamon stick.
  2. We put it on medium / high heat and let it boil 4 or 5 minutes. After the time we turn off the fire and let it rest, with the lid on, during the night (at least 8 hours).
  3. The next day we remove the cinnamon and orange peel from the infusion that we have prepared and start making the French toast.
  4. We cut the bread into not very thick slices (approximately 1.5 cm-2 cm). We reserve.
  5. In a deep plate we beat the eggs and mix them with half a tablespoon of white sugar and a pinch of salt. Mix well until all the ingredients are integrated. In another deep plate we add three or four saucepans of the wine infusion.
  6. We pass the slice first through the wine plate and then through the egg. It must be impregnated on both sides, but must not drip.
  7. You can remove the excess liquid by pressing lightly with your hands to leave the bread wet but without dripping. If it takes more wine or more eggs to dip the bread, we add it and continue.

Frying the French toast with red wine

  1. We prepare a large frying pan with plenty of sunflower oil, the skin of a lemon and a cinnamon stick and put it over medium heat.
  2. When the oil is hot and has been well impregnated with the aromas of lemon and cinnamon, remove these two ingredients and add the bread to the pan.
  3. Many slices should not be fried at the same time, to avoid that the oil loses its strength and that the bread is too greasy.
  4. Let the slices brown on both sides. Once ready, we remove them and let them drain the excess oil in a plate on kitchen paper.
  5. We prepare the mixture of sugar and cinnamon. I use 100 g of sugar and a tablespoon of coffee, rasa, cinnamon, but if you really like cinnamon, you can add more.

Final presentation of the French toast with red wine

  1. We pass the French toast once fried by the mixture of sugar and cinnamon. We reserve.
  2. With the wine infusion that is left over, we are going to prepare a slightly thicker syrup. To do this, we add 200 more grams of sugar to the saucepan where we had the infusion.
  3. Let it boil over medium / high heat about 15-20 minutes or until the liquid is reduced a little and we have a somewhat thicker texture, without being honey.
  4. Once we remove it from the heat, the syrup will finish thickening on its own. We let it rest for 10 minutes.
  5. We lightly sprinkle the French toast with the wine syrup and we already have our French toast ready to serve. I prefer to let them warm or even take them cold, but the variety is the taste.

These  red wine French toast are a classic of Easter that only the elders could take and that the children would not let us eat, because they brought wine. Now that we have our years, they fall in pairs.

Remember that it is best to take them as is or served in a bowl or deep dish dipped in the sweet syrup of wine, you can even add a little honey if you really like the sweet. And if you like sweet but you are not gooey with sugar and cinnamon they are very good anyway.

Do not miss the step by step of this recipe for the French toast  in this album, it will be delicious.

Tips and recommendations for your French toast

  • We can try to make our own French toast at home with the version that we like the most. You can substitute the wine for white wine or even for cava, or sweet wine. Use a good red wine, I recommend a mencía from my land, it usually has Grenache. This type of grape will give a color to your French toast. That violet that almost looks like a Nazarene.
  • They are also delicious with a good Port or a Pedro Ximénez, they are a bit expensive, although you can try to do less so that they do not go out of budget. An authentic and delicious recipe for Lenten pastries.
  • The most advisable thing is that we buy the bread a day or two before. Slice it, place it on a baking sheet and cover it with a cloth until the day we go to prepare the French toast.
  • Although if you can make your own French toast bread , much more compact perfect to hold the wine or milk, they will be much better.
  • You can also find this type of bread, especially French toast in almost all patisseries, supermarkets and department stores. This recipe is also suitable for using the bread that you like the most. Even with brioche or sweeter breads.
  • In this recipe I used sunflower oil, but if you like the touch of olive oil, use a mild one. Flavor the oil with cinnamon and with the skin of a lemon or orange. It greatly softens the flavor and maintains its great properties.

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