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Puff pastry and chocolate Christmas tree

Puff pastry and chocolate Christmas tree


  • Easy
  • 30 minutes
  • For 6 people
  • € 0.3 / person
  • 345kcal per 100g.

How to make a Christmas tree from puff pastry and chocolate .

Comes Christmas and we go crazy thinking menus these days, it comes in handy to have recipes hand like this tree puff pastry and chocolate that are easy, fast and are made with few ingredients.

It is an amazing dessert due to its simplicity, speed and flavor, which is well worth the wave because it will get us out of trouble without us realizing it and it will make us stay luxurious with our guests.

Although the homemade puff pastry is unmatched, today we can find very decent puff pastries in our main supermarkets that will save us a lot of time.

Of course, the puff pastry and chocolate tree is much richer with a homemade puff pastry, but the purpose of this recipe is to make life easier on these dates, so we have made two good sheets.

If we add to these a cocoa and hazelnut cream , which we can also easily find, then in a matter of half an hour we will have the dessert ready to sink the tooth.

It’s such a lollipop to do that even kids can take care of it. What’s more, they will surely fight to do it.

This puff and chocolate tree is the variation of the famous Christmas puff star or the Christmas puff firs that we already have on the blog. A delight that you should not miss trying at home. The end result is a sweet as rich and tasty as it is visually precious.

A whole chocolate delight available to anyone with which to swell your repertoire of Christmas sweets and desserts .

Preparation of puff pastry and chocolate cream

  1. We spread one of the puff pastry sheets on its own paper on the work surface.
  2. We temper the chocolate cream a little by giving it a heat stroke in the microwave.
  3. With 1 sheet of puff pastry on a clean work surface, envelope and brush it with the chocolate cream, in this case Nutella, but it can be with Nocilla or the brand that you like the most.
  4. It will spread better if we temper it for 10 seconds will be enough, that we do not seek that it melts, only that it becomes malleable.
  5. We spread the tempered chocolate cream over the entire surface of the puff pastry, in a thin layer. Better not to get excited about the amount so that the filling does not come out when forming the branches of the tree.
  6. We place the second sheet of puff pastry on top, well fitted, trying to hit the first one. Chocolate makes instant glue and if we do not square it well we can no longer move it.

Shaping our Christmas sweet tree

  1. With the back of a knife we ​​mark the shape of a Christmas tree on the pastry, without pressing. If we do not like how it is, we repeat the drawing, the marks will not be seen once the work is finished.
  2. We cut with the help of a sharp knife and remove the excess. The latter can be exploited by cutting various shapes and baking at the same time as the tree.
  3. One of the shapes we need to cut is a star to crown the top of the tree, which we reserve for later.
  4. We make lateral cuts to the right and left of the puff pastry, without reaching the center, leaving a central space from top to bottom that simulates the trunk. These will be the branches.
  5. We twist each of the strips or branches on themselves, as if they were corkscrews.
  6. The longest (those at the bottom) we do several turns, the shortest (those at the top) only admit one or a half.
  7. Once the tree is formed, we beat the egg and brush the entire surface with it. Gently and without pressing so that you do not drag the filling on the puff pastry. We place the star that we have reserved on top, press to adhere and brush with egg.
  8. Crush the hazelnuts in a mortar or chop them with a knife. We cover with them the central trunk of the tree.
  9. We preheat the oven to 200º C, which reached the temperature or 10 minutes before introducing the tree to the oven.

Baked Christmas Sweet Tree

  1. We transfer the tree to a baking tray and cook in a pre-heated oven at 200º C, with traditional heat up and down, for 12-14 minutes or until it begins to take color.
  2. Once ready we let it temper before serving. We can sprinkle a little icing sugar on the ends of the branches to give it a more wintery and Christmassy touch, but this is totally optional.

Here you have a step by step in photos where I show how to prepare this Christmas tree recipe . Do not miss any detail so that it is delicious.

Tips for a Christmas Tree from Puff Pastry and Yummy Chocolate

  • The puff pastry has to be very cold so that it is easy to handle and we can give the tree a nice shape.
  • Although the chocolate filling is very sweet, we can use other alternatives such as angel hair, sweet potato, white chocolate, applesauce, jam, nougat cream or whatever we like and have on hand. It is a great dessert to give out leftovers that we have in the kitchen.
  • If your oven does not heat well from the bottom, try to heat the tree only at the bottom and place the oven tray on the bottom. With this we make sure that the puff pastry is well cooked.
  • The hazelnut that decorates the trunk can be replaced by any other dried fruit.
  • Although it is better to use rectangular puff sheets, it can also be done with round ones, although you will have more waste when trimming the shape of the tree. However, the leftover can be used to make various shapes, brush with egg and bake.

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