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Meat or Caldeiro

Meat or Caldeiro


  • Easy
  • 60 minutes
  • For 4 people
  • 4.2 € / person
  • 255kcal per 100g.

How to make meat or caldeiro . Every summer Galicia is full of gastronomic festivals where the ingredient is king.

The star dish of many of the festivals in Galicia is meat or Caldeiro . And this is the recipe that I explain today, famous for its simplicity and where the meat has to be of great quality, few and good ingredients for one of the most popular dishes in the traditional Galician recipe book. And as Cunqueiro said:

To eat with the family, in slippers, in a good seat and with a few good shots of wine …”

María Luisa Ybañez comments on facebook that the origin of this recipe is due to the fact that the vendors each carried their piece of meat tied with a string that bore the name of its owner at the other end, it was introduced into the community cauldron where a cook He was in charge of cooking it at fairs. I do not know if it is a true story or not but I find it very curious.

I advise you to keep the broth from cooking, it triumphs with the soup prepared with it. Another recommendation is to cook the whole piece and then chop it. In October the festivities of San Froilán arrive where the octopus is honored feira, although in some of its premises you can also get a good plate of meat or caldeiro and steak.

The festivals of Peroxa with its meat or Caldeiro de Vitela and those of Dozón and Xermade (in Campo da Feira de Momán) are also highly recommended.

Let it not be said that we do not know about fiestas and pilgrimages in Galicia. You know, next year on vacation to Galicia, but in the meantime you can put a little bit of terra mine in your kitchen, they will thank you!

Preparation of meat or Caldeiro

In the recipe for meat or Caldeiro or meat in the cauldron , veal brisket is usually used, with bone and a little fat, but I have tried it at home at some time with the morcillo or xarrete , or as the Italians call it when meat has bone, ossobuco.

A very juicy and gelatinous meat that is delicious in this recipe or in the xarrete recipe prepared by Nacho. In this case the recipe is from my father and he has used calf skirt.

  1. When buying beef, do it at a trusted butcher shop and choose a quality piece. Ask the butcher to cut it into pieces to cook Caldeiro style. And remember, choose good meat, do not go for the cheapest because quality is the secret of this recipe.
  2. We heat water in a large saucepan and when it starts to boil add a small piece of ointment or bacon and a tablespoon of salt.
  3. We add the meat, which must be completely covered with water.
  4. Let it cook over medium heat for about an hour until we see that it is tender. If we do not have time we can cook the meat in the express pot, you will only need about twenty minutes and it is quite good.
  5. We remove the meat in a container where it does not lose heat and add the whole potatoes with or without skin (as you like) to cook in the water with all the flavor of the meat and the grease.
  6. We cook them for about 15 minutes and we try to make them tender without breaking them. When we see that they are already we remove them to a source and place the meat next to them.
  7. And do not forget to save the broth resulting from the cooking of the meat, it is perfect for making soup, rice or enriching a meat stew .
  8. We spray with extra virgin olive oil and sprinkle with paprika, sweet or spicy depending on our tastes.
  9. We add coarse salt, although I like it better with Maldon salt and it is ready to leave nothing on the plate.
  10. Lastly, my father likes to add a little concentrated cooking water, one or two tablespoons to the plate to form a small sauce that is delicious, from bread and dipping. Try and you will see how you like it.

At fairs they usually put it on a wooden plate just like octopus, the truth is that the plate takes all the flavor of the oil and the paprika and gives it a very good touch, if you have at home do not hesitate to use it.

Of this recipe you could say that it is a three in one, because we have a wonderful meat or caldeiro as a unique dish, but at the same time we have a print soup broth and if there is anything left, a delicious plate of old clothes.

You have no excuse not to prepare it at home and remember: “Put a little piece of Galicia in your kitchen, you will not regret it”

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