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Fried doughnuts

Fried doughnuts


  • Half
  • 40 minutes
  • For 10 people
  • 0.4 € / person
  • 387kcal per 100g.

Donuts or fried donuts. Easter recipe. 

If the Lenten season is full of meatless recipes, Easter is right for you in terms of dessert recipes .

Throughout Spain we can find many recipes, according to the typical gastronomy of each area and many of them you will find on the blog.

Reviewing a little I have verified that I still have a few to do, and among them the fried donuts .

A very typical Andalusian sweet at that time similar to Galician fried donuts , although I know that they are prepared throughout the year, especially when there is a celebration at home.

Along with the French toast and the pestiños , we can say that they are part of a triumvirate of frying pan desserts. Being so popular, the variations of the same recipe are countless, changing details according to each area or each house.

As with many Andalusian recipes, the origin of these Easter donuts or donuts is located in Arab cuisine, which was present in Andalusia for so many centuries. In the ingredients you will see that “tablespoons” appear in the quantities.

This is because the recipe was passed to me by a good friend from Córdoba, written on paper and as directed by her mother. It can’t be more homemade then. Although you have the Cadiz version, baked donuts or donuts , a little healthier.

I have passed the tablespoons to grams and milliliters to make it easier for you. Encourage yourselves with this recipe and cheer up a little this Easter Lent.

Preparation of the fried Roscos of Easter

  1. We peel the lemon, taking care that it does not have a white part, which would give bitterness.
  2. In a frying pan, add the olive oil, and fry the lemon rind. To flavor the oil. Remove from heat and let cool.
  3. In a large bowl, beat the eggs, add the milk and mix. Little by little we are adding the sugar, at the same time that we mix with some rods. Finally, we add the flavored oil and the yeast. We mix again.
  4. Now it’s time for the flour, which we add little by little.
  5. First we mix with a fork and later, when it becomes thicker, we continue with our hands (sprinkled with flour).
  6. We pass the dough to the floured counter and knead with our hands. We add flour if the dough “asks for it”, until it is consistent, smooth and pliable.
  7. We let the dough rest for 2 hours. We reserve.
  8. We smear our hands with a little sunflower oil. From the dough, we are taking small balls, which we then shape into a donut, with a hole in the center. Another way would be to make a curler and then join the ends together.

Frying and final presentation of the Easter donuts

  1. We heat abundant sunflower oil in a high skillet. As I said, the temperature must be hot but somewhere in between. If it is very hot, they will brown very quickly but will be raw inside.
  2. With the oil at its point, we are frying donuts four by four, so as not to lower the temperature.
  3. Try a couple of them first. Once fried, open them in half and check that they are tender on the inside (not raw).
  4. We fry the donuts about 8/10 minutes, turning them several times, so that they are done well on all their surface.
  5. We are removing the donuts, and we place them in a plate / dish with kitchen paper, so that it absorbs the excess oil.
  6. Then before they cool down completely. We coat them in white sugar to give it the final touch.
  7. You can also make a mixture, half and half, of white sugar and cinnamon. This according to taste.

If you still do not have it clear, I leave you a step by step in photos of this recipe for the donuts of Easter  so that they come out yes or yes.

Tips for some fluffy donuts

And remember that the secret of this sweet is a good fry , just as they do in Andalusia. The recipe itself is very easy, that you can even make this Easter with the little ones at home.

If you like this recipe, be sure to visit our special desserts and sweets for Easter and Easter , you will find a lot of ideas to make these days.

  • In its preparation we will use soft olive oil, so that it does not give too much oil flavor. And for the same reason, we will fry it with sunflower oil.
  • One of the keys is going to be the temperature of the oil, which must be hot but not over, between 150-160º C exactly, for those who have a kitchen thermometer.
  • You can fry a couple of them at the beginning and then you already take the point from the rest. Like other frying desserts, I recommend consuming them on the same day of preparation. But hey, if you have leftovers, they also keep quite well in a metal box (for example, those of cookies).

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