Coffee yes or no. Substitutes

Coffee yes or coffee no, that is the question. Coffee substitutes that provide energy

From a machine in the office, from sophisticated modern coffee machines to an Italian coffee machine, like all life. What is a fact is that since coffee comes into our lives it is to stay.

The amount depends on each one, but the first thing in the morning can not be missing, since it gives us that extra energy that, with or without insomnia, never hurts.

In addition, coffee has diuretic and laxative properties, but have you ever considered that the ideal would be not to need a stimulant to get up and endure our workday?

I have nothing against coffee, I drink it daily and I like the taste and aroma of good freshly brewed coffee, but in case you go over your daily dose or just, even if you like it, it doesn’t feel good, in This post will give you some healthier alternatives that add to your daily life.

The European Food Safety Authority ensures that a dose of no more than 300 grams a day should not pose a problem.


What exactly is this drink? Well, chicory is the quintessential caffeine substitute . It is extracted from the root of the plant that bears the same name, roasted and pulverized. Its flavor is the most similar to coffee, but it does not have caffeine! They also say that it helps fight headaches.

Ginger infusion

Ginger since it came fully into our recipes is applicable to everything, so making a rich infusion of ginger can be very satiating, healing and very rich . Ginger has diuretic and digestive properties. You can infuse it together with horsetail, rosemary and even parsley. It helps to eliminate toxins from the body and fights heavy digestions . Maybe you should start trying it after eating and see for yourself how it feels.


Surely you have already tried it or at least, you have seen it on the shelf along with other infusions that you consume regularly. Rooibos has very powerful aromatic properties and best of all, it is free of stimulants .

Some call it tea without theine, because that is the truth. If you love to drink a warm infusion before sleeping but you are concerned about staying awake, rooibos is an excellent idea. You can mix it with chocolate or vanilla to give it a more special touch.

Matcha tea

Now I do propose a stimulating but healthier alternative to caffeine . The matcha tea that had its commercial boom a couple of years ago and you could find it everywhere: ice creams, smoothies, infusions, desserts etc … it has medicinal and antioxidant qualities. It favors concentration and that is why it becomes a perfect substitute directly to replace coffee.

Green Tea

Green tea has anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, antibacterial and sedative properties . It also contains theine, that is, it is stimulating, but drinking green tea you will be able to fall asleep normally and you will feel energetic without that electrical state that produces too many coffees a day.


If you still love coffee above all else, try drinking decaf! Your body will serve as a placebo.

Decaffeinated has improved a lot in recent years and, although it contains a minimal dose of caffeine , it will be almost imperceptible to your palate to feel that it is not coffee, but your body will notice it from the first day.


This that I am going to tell you is not a joke. It can be very basic but not all of us do it. If you are one of those who have at least two coffees (or three) in the morning, I suggest that you drink the first of the day and then have a bottle of water on hand for the rest of the day to drink little by little.

There is nothing like drinking water and sometimes we forget, so this can be the perfect solution to reduce your dose of caffeine and also take the liters of water that your body needs.

As I said at the beginning, I am a coffee lover, so beyond drinking it with or without milk, or squid (as it is taken in my land) I also use it to make cakes , flan for the flavor it gives them.

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