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Chickpeas with blood sausage

Chickpeas with blood sausage


  • Easy
  • 90 minutes
  • For 4 people
  • € 2 / person

How to prepare chickpeas with blood sausage . Today I bring you a new recipe for legumes , some great chickpeas with blood sausage that does not matter what time of year we eat them, they will always be a success. As I am a fan of spoon dishes, be it summer or winter, at home, every one or two weeks at most, I prepare vegetables in the traditional style.

Normally I usually prepare the stews with a little chorizo , this time it was the turn of the chickpea and the blood sausage . This legume has a large amount of nutrients, proteins, starch, the famous oleic acid and a large amount of fiber. Nobody disputes that it is a complete food that we cannot forget in our diet.

Today’s recipe combines chickpeas with a blood sausage, this time from Burgos, rice black pudding . The flavors and aromas of the blood sausage will go directly to the broth that we will prepare, so it is essential that we get a quality one, very tasty and aromatic. With a black pudding it will be more than enough for 4 diners, so we do not have to exceed ourselves, it is about adding flavor, color and food to a warm spoon dish, some chickpeas with black pudding more than good.

Before cooking chick peas

  1. One of the important steps is the choice of chickpeas. You have them as dried or already cooked legumes and you can find various sizes. I like Castilian chickpeas of large size, spherical shape and a characteristic yellowish color.
  2. I recommend using dried chickpeas. These allow you to control the point of salt of the stew by avoiding the treatments that canning brings. I also prefer not to use preservative-treated chickpeas.
  3. The day before we put the chickpeas in warm water with a handful of salt. We leave them to soak overnight, usually 12 hours. It is important to wash them afterwards to remove possible impurities. And so no spoiled chickpea is strained that can bother a tooth, I say it from experience.
  4. We will only have to drain and set aside until we prepare our porridge.

Preparation of chickpeas with blood sausage

  1. We begin by leaving the lady to soak in warm water until it has rehydrated and it is easy for us to remove its inner meat, about 30 minutes. We reserve.
  2. In a fast pot or in an express pot, cook the broth with the cane bone and the bay leaf. When it begins to boil we will see that it begins to create foam. We remove it with a slotted spoon and add the chickpeas, 6 whole garlic cloves, the leek and the salt.
  3. We close the pot and let it cook for 20 minutes, lowering the heat to a minimum once the second ring has been reached. We turn off and let it cool down until we can open it.
  4. If we are going to prepare this recipe in the traditional way, in a classic pot. We must let it cook for about 2 hours, checking the point of the chickpeas.
  5. While the chickpeas are cooking, we fry the bread in a frying pan with plenty of oil. We reserve the bread and add the well-chopped onion and the two remaining garlic cloves to the same pan. Fry the vegetables until soft, about 20 minutes.
  6. We remove the internal meat of the hora with the help of a knife, scraping its interior. Add the lady meat to the onion and garlic sauce and mix to incorporate it.

Final advice and plating of chickpeas with blood sausage

  1. In the glass of the blender we put the onion and garlic sauce, the chopped fried bread and 2 or 3 tablespoons of the chickpea broth that will be ready. Crush and add to the chickpea stew.
  2. In a frying pan we fry the blood sausage cut into slices and add it to the chickpea pot. We cook the chickpeas with the fried sauce and the black pudding for 10 minutes and serve.

We serve this restorative dish very warm accompanied by a good piece of village bread so that it is dipped in the sauce.

Like most stews, they tend to be almost better in the days following their preparation. So we can prepare it in advance with the certainty that the recipe will be a success.

You can see all the photos of the step by step in the next album .

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