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Broken or smashed eggs with tomato and Idiazabal cheese

Broken or smashed eggs with tomato and Idiazabal cheese


  • Easy
  • 25 minutes
  • For 4 people
  • € 1.9 / person

There is nothing more glorious than some eggs and chips, and if we give this simple recipe a twist, we can prepare this delicious dish. A simple dish converted to gourmet: Broken eggs with a base of Kumato tomato and Idiazabal cheese . I have been fortunate to share it with all of you and with a good friend, Amaya . I think the experience has been good, we have had a great time and above all we have learned from each other.

This recipe incorporates very simple ingredients, its base is a classic in the kitchen: eggs and potatoes. We will accompany it with all the flavor of a good garden tomato and one of the cheeses that I like the most, Idiazabal. This cheese is not too well known or valued in Spain, there are few people who have had the fortune to taste a true Idiazabal cheese of limited production (excluding industrial versions), made with raw milk from Latxa sheep and artisan techniques by shepherds who care their own herds.

It is a cheese made exclusively with milk from Latxas and / or Carranzanas sheep. Its minimum cure must be 2 months and its size is variable, small or medium, from one to three kilos and depending on its place of production you can find it smoked or non-smoked (my favorite). I hope that in your recipes you try this type of cheese and you can no longer tell me that I only cook with Galician cheeses (as a friend told me the other day). Today’s recipe is easy and, despite carrying quality products, not expensive, a delicious luxury within everyone’s reach.

Preparation of broken or crashed eggs with Idiazabal and tomato

  1. We wash the tomatoes very well, in this case a tomato that is a little hard but very juicy and full of flavor, of the Kumato variety. We cut into 1 cm slices so that the dish does not fall apart when we go to eat. We place the tomato covering the plate where we are going to present our broken eggs.
  2. Grate the Idiazabal generously on top of the tomato base until they are completely covered. It is important that we leave part of the grated cheese to finish the dish. The cheese will melt with the heat of the freshly made potatoes and we will get that flavor we want for our gourmet broken eggs.
  3. We peel the potatoes, wash them in cold water and cut them into half centimeter slices, that is, bakery potatoes. You can also cut them into strips, the result is similar but less attractive when presenting the dish. We dry them with absorbent kitchen paper and reserve.
  4. We put a very large frying pan on the fire with the extra virgin olive oil April selection. Heat the oil, add a piece of potato and when bubbles come out, add the rest. Fry over medium heat for about 12-15 minutes. It is important that they are not very crispy but also not cooked, you have to click to know when they are at that midpoint.
  5. We remove the potatoes with a slotted spoon and drain them well. We salt and place in the source that we have reserved with the tomato and the cheese. We remove the oil from the pan, you can use it perfectly for other recipes .
  6. The key point of the recipe is in the eggs. We put in the same pan a tablespoon of oil from the potatoes and fry the eggs without they finish curdling, they should not be very cooked (the yolk must be liquid). We place them on top of the potatoes and break them with a wooden spoon or a knife. We grate a little more Idiazabal cheese and to the table. Don’t expect too much to get cold.

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