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Vegetable paella

Vegetable paella


  • Half
  • 55 minutes
  • For 4 people
  • € 0 / person
  • 275kcal per 100g.

How to make some vegetable paella . If there is a recipe with rice that we can call vegetable rice with capital letters, it is the vegetable rice in paella.

In rice with vegetables rice with vegetables and legumes  or in vegetable rice with mushrooms we can slightly increase the amount of extra virgin olive oil. When sautéing the vegetables previously, they usually absorb more quantity. We will cook this rice in a similar but different way than the  Valencian paella.

Well, by sealing the meat, the oil remains in the paella pan and has much less fat. It is therefore convenient to have a little more oil in reserve, just in case.

You can even use previously flavored oils or oils in which we have sautéed, for example, a little garlic (to give it flavor but without taking it). So we can add when it comes to sautéing the vegetables if it has decreased a lot.

We have also opted for seasonal vegetables, sometimes the same vegetables are not found in all regions of Spain. Although we do not want to lose the authentic recipe that we have followed from the famous bible ” The Book of Paella and Rice ” by Lourdes March. But always maintaining the essence and flavor of the traditional recipe proposed by the teacher Lourdes.

You can also find other rice dishes in paella such as arroz a banda , black rice or black rice , rice with sardines and peppers, rice with cuttlefish and cauliflower, rice with cod or paella with seafood and fish .

To make this dish we have opted for a round grain rice that helps us control the recipe without problems. Cooking with a trusted brand with which we always succeed, Sabroz rice .

I hope you dare to prepare it, a healthy dish, full of vegetables and delicious vegetables that not only add flavor, but also give it a beautiful color.

Before starting with the vegetable paella

  1. It is essential to have the paella ready and if possible with several uses (it helps that the rice does not stick). Size is important, allowing rice to cook evenly across its surface.
  2. This paella is going to be for 4-5 people and we need a paella from. The appropriate measurements of 45 cm.
  3. The night before, we let the locust soak if we use it dry. If you are lucky enough to find it fresh in season, much better, this step would not be necessary. We have to cook it the next day with a liter of water and a little salt for 1 hour in the traditional way or 20 minutes in an express pot.
  4. We reserve the cooking water for use in the vegetable paella.

Preparation of vegetables for paella

  1. We clean the vegetables well, washing and drying later. Peel and break the eggplant into quarters or small cubes. We are going to chop everything more or less the same size.
  2. We go with the artichokes, we clean them and we cut the tips. We divide into 4 pieces and put them in water with the lemon juice that we have squeezed previously.
  3. We shelled the carafe if it is fresh. We shelled the beans and the peas We washed, chopped, rinsed and drained the spinach.
  4. Now we just have to peel and chop the tomato, we can also use grated. For this (my recommendation) we grate the tomatoes with a grater, cutting them in half and discarding their skin. We cut the peeled garlic cloves very small. If you have a better machaajos, this way you will notice the flavor but not its texture. They can also be crushed in a mortar.
  5. We reserve all the ingredients for the preparation of the paella.

Preparation of the vegetable paella base

  1. We heat the paella with part of the extra virgin olive oil (100 ml. We reserve them in case it should be added later) over very high heat.
  2. We start with the vegetables, add them to the hot oil in the following order, first the aubergine (we take it out and reserve when it is golden), then add the green beans, spinach, artichokes and finally, the tomato and garlic.
  3. We fry everything until this pochadito. When they are well poached we salt well. You have to control the fire well so that they don’t burn.
  4. When everything is fried, add the teaspoon of paprika and the water (or in your case, the water where the carafe has cooked). If you have any vegetable broth that is worth it, do not hesitate to make an already outstanding paella. We are going to use between 2 l.-2.2 l. because when it starts to boil, part of the water will evaporate. Much depends on the temperature.
  5. When we start to cook, introduce the peas, beans, carafe beans, the eggplant that we have reserved and some saffron threads.
  6. We tried the broth in case it made add more salt. Remember that it is to the taste of each house, but it should not be too salty either.
  7. We cook for 35-40 minutes, it depends on the locust bean and the beans. There should be about a liter and a half after cooking to be able to add the rice.
  8. We add the rice diagonally and cross-shaped as you see in the photos. We distribute the rice evenly throughout the paella. We fry again about 2 minutes until everything is integrated.

Vegetable paella rice preparation

  1. We cook over very high heat the first 10 minutes and then with the heat at medium temperature another 8-10 minutes. Although here time is marked again by the grain of rice and the power of the fire, which we must allow to be consumed. It has to be completely dry and loose.
  2. We try a few grains of rice and the point of salt again to verify the cooking point and flavor.
  3. You can have a saucepan with boiling water next to it, in case you have to add water.
  4. Let it rest for a few minutes covered with a large cotton cloth or absorbent paper. Once the rice is ready, remove the paella or casserole from the heat. With about 5 minutes off the heat it will be enough to achieve a yummy result.
  5. This time is essential so that the grain of rice takes its ideal point and is well loose.

You can see all the photos of the step by step of this recipe for vegetable rice in paella  in this album. Do not miss any detail and it will be delicious

Tips for a yummy vegetable paella

  • This vegetable paella is the most traditional and perfect for demanding vegetarians. But also for those who are passionate about vegetables or simply for those who prefer to take care of themselves. It is full of delicious vegetables and greens that not only add flavor but also give it a beautiful coloring.
  • This rice with vegetables or vegetable paella is nourished by the flavors of each of the vegetables to give rise to one of the tastiest and healthiest rices.
  • You can add other seasonal vegetables to the taste of each house, in this case I am not a paella taliban, I think it works very well with cauliflower, broccoli, red pepper or green asparagus.
  • Of course also those that we have at our disposal throughout the year, red pepper, green pepper, carrots and onion, which is not usually added to paella but also has its followers.

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