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Picadillo soup

Picadillo soup


  • Easy
  • 35 minutes
  • For 4 people
  • 2.5 € / person
  • 190kcal per 100g.

How to make chicken hash soup .

The recipe for picadillo soup has its origin in Andalusian cuisine, especially in the provinces of Seville and Almería.

The main ingredient is always minced poultry, which is often accompanied by boiled eggs and sometimes also rice.

There are few things that comfort both on cold days and a good soup, if it also incorporates meat and other ingredients that make it more succulent, the effect is unsurpassed.

The chicken soup that we are going to prepare is also very simple and inexpensive, a fantastic way to have a first course for lunch during the winter months and, why not, for dinner.

It is normally prepared with the well-chopped egg, but at home we like to find the pieces very large so we have opted to leave them sliced, if you prefer to follow the traditional recipe you can change that part and undo the eggs well so that they are barely noticeable and, at the same time, add some consistency to the soup.

Finally, you can always add croutons if you want to give it a crispy touch, or breadcrumbs to make it even thicker.

A guaranteed success for a warm dinner, one of my favorites with the Castilian soup , the onion soup or the Julienne . One more option for your weekly menu, cheer up with it.

Preparation of the hash soup

  1. Peel and wash the carrot and do the same with the leek, also we break it into two large pieces. We put everything in a pot along with the chopped chicken and the salty bone.
  2. We have chosen a piece of spine, but a piece of beef bone is also great. For example from the knee part.
  3. We cook everything together for at least 1 hour, in case of using a fast pot 20 minutes are enough.

Egg cooking and final presentation of the soup

  1. In parallel, we cook the two eggs in plenty of water.
  2. When the chicken and vegetables are done cooking, strain and reserve the broth. We let the chicken and the bone become tempered so as not to burn ourselves and we boned everything.
  3. We chop the ham (if we have not bought it in strips) and the mint leaves. Peel and cut the egg into small pieces or into slices. To your liking.
  4. We put a saucepan on the fire. Pour in the strained broth, add the meat, ham, egg and peppermint.
  5. Add the noodles (4 servings) and cook everything together over medium heat the time indicated for them.
  6. We serve in bowls. First a couple of tablespoons of the broth and then a good amount of noodles and the rest of the ingredients.

The flavor will not cease to amaze you. That slightly sweet and fresh touch of peppermint combined with the intensity of the broth will get you immediately warm.

This traditional soup is perfect for your weekly menu or a special occasion. Do not miss the step by step of this mince soup in the next album.

Tips for a yummy mince soup

  • This mince soup with chicken and ham is a perfect recipe to warm up. A heartwarming spoon plate perfect as a starter. Although at home we usually prepare it for dinner, very warm, a very nutritious and complete recipe.
  • We have prepared it in a fast pot, with which we have greatly reduced the preparation time, in half an hour you have the soup ready. In addition I usually make a large amount of broth. A little more water, at home we are two and it is perfect for freezing. So I always have chicken broth to defrost and prepare a soup or add to a stew, rice or cream.
  • This hash soup is a satiating dish, low in calories and easy to digest. With what is perfect for the night, you go to bed with a full feeling. A plate full of vitamins and minerals from vegetables, and proteins from meat that carries the broth.

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