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Melon salad with ham and cherry tomatoes in both colors

Melon salad with ham and cherry tomatoes in both colors


  • Easy
  • 10 minutes
  • For 4 people
  • 5.5 € / person

Yes, you read correctly: gold , Mamen sends us a recipe with edible gold. The truth is that it is a salad with a level for that day that you have to prepare a special lunch or dinner, surely your guest will not be indifferent.

Salad preparation

  1. We divide the melon slice into five thin slices.
  2. We coil each sheet in a spiral and thread it with a wooden toothpick.
  3. We chop the Iberico ham slice very finely.
  4. We fill with these ham shavings the central hole of each melon spiral.
  5. We also string a cherry tomato on each roll of the created ones.
  6. We have each of the skewers created on the plate at ease.
  7. We apply edible gold foil with a special acrylic brush, partially covering the tomatoes. To do this, previously we must have rubbed the brush against a clean surface to charge it with static electricity that will make the finest gold foils adhere to the brush.
  8. We spray the composition created with liquid gold, the one chosen for this recipe is the extra virgin olive oil of the Ilove oil brand, I adore quality Andalusian olive oil!
  9. Finally we decorate the dish with a fine string of cane honey.

This easy recipe shows that elegance resides in simplicity. And to taste! MMM….

Tips on how to use Orogourmet in your recipes, not only in your salad:

  • Gold in small amounts provides benefits for the body, eliminates toxins and slows the aging of the skin. This precious and noble metal that can give your dishes that touch full of glamor and of course the highest level of luxury, even for a salad as easy as this.
  • I recommend it as a gastronomic decoration in parties marked as Christmas or a special birthday or anniversary celebration. It is a fun idea that makes any simple food the show on the table. You can find it on our website and specialized gourmet stores.

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