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How to make an Irish coffee. Recipe for the authentic Irish coffee cocktail

How to make an Irish coffee. Recipe for the authentic Irish coffee cocktail

people icon For 1 euro icon € 2.2 /pers. calories icon 135 kcal/100g


  • 80 ml of strong and hot coffee
  • 40 ml Irish Whiskey
  • 40 ml of whipped cream, or heavy cream (35% fat)
  • 15g. white or brown sugar
  • To decorate (optional): pinch of ground cinnamon, cocoa powder, or a couple of coffee beans

How to make a good Irish coffee , yes, a good Irish coffee, because there are thousands of recipes and not all of them are authentic. It’s actually quite simple, a good strong coffee, quality whiskey and heavy cream. So much so, that I know friends who are not enthusiastic about coffee or whiskey but are enthusiastic about Irish coffee .

The flavor of this drink is a great and wise combination of ingredients, which is why it is world famous and recently created, but it is like tiramisu, it is a drink invented in 1942. At that time there were flights between Ireland (Port Foynes) and USA, flying boats, flights of more than 18 hours.

On one of those flights, chef Joe Sheridan, head chef at the Port Foynes restaurant, was serving coffee when he came up with the idea of ​​whiskey to cheer up and warm those passengers up to their caps from so many hours of travel and cold bodies. . From there until today.

A very easy to prepare and very famous drink that still has many variants and versions, such as Café Buenavista or the already popular jug ​​with a foot and handle. Although today I will present you the most traditional version that is closer to that of chef Joe Sheridan.

Preparation of the base ingredients of Irish coffee

  1. We will heat water with the simple purpose of pouring it into the glasses where we are going to prepare the coffee. We let the glass or glasses heat up and start with the coffee. We prepare a well-strong coffee, better if it is an espresso coffee , although if we do not have this type of coffee maker, an Italian coffee maker can be prepared with a good amount of coffee.
  2. Pour the measure of Irish whiskey into a saucepan with the sugar and heat almost until it comes to a boil. We stir well to integrate the sugar into the whiskey. We can flambé it, if we want to lower the alcohol a little so that the coffee does not come out so strong, but it is optional.
  3. We prepare a kind of whipped cream or whipped cream. To do this, we whip the cream or milk cream (35% fat), remember that the cream must be in the refrigerator a few hours before whipping it so that it is very cold. We use a stick mixer and start at the minimum speed.
  4. We can add a little sugar to help assemble (but it is not necessary either), it is optional. It should be whipped but not excessively, always without forming peaks, very melty and without visible air bubbles, we want milk cream almost like whipped cream. We reserve.

Assembly and presentation of Irish coffee

  1. The usual thing in Ireland is to drink it in an elongated glass cup, so if we want to maintain the spirit of authentic Irish Coffee , let’s use this type of cup to prepare it. We throw away the water from the glasses that has been used to heat the glass so that there is no thermal shock with the glass and the coffee does not cool down too much before taking it to the mass of our guests.
  2. We first pour the strong coffee that we have prepared. We pour the Irish whiskey that we have heated mixed with the sugar. And very carefully and on an inverted spoon, we pour the whipped cream without it mixing with the coffee with the whiskey, very important.

I leave the decoration to your liking, the normal thing is to add some ground cinnamon, a touch of nutmeg or cocoa powder. But it is not necessary, just optional. And we serve very warm.

Another option is to present the cocktail in three layers: first a base of alcohol with sugar, then add the coffee, and finish with the whipped cream. And if you like it with another touch, I recommend Scotch coffee , a delicious recipe with the bitterness of espresso coffee, the sweetness of vanilla ice cream and the power of dry whiskey, another way to drink coffee.

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