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Easy rustic wheat bread

Easy rustic wheat bread


  • Easy
  • 60 minutes
  • For 4 people
  • 0.2 € / person
  • 278kcal per 100g.

How to make rustic wheat bread, easy and fast.

You already know that making homemade bread is one of those hobbies that become addictions. We are proving it day after day with the bread recipes that we share with you. And once you start to knead your own bread, there is no going back.

Today we return to the attack with another bread that is easy and perfect for beginners . In this case it has two levados, which are key for the dough to ferment and develop its flavor. But let no one be frightened by it.

During the time that the bread is taken in raising, we can dedicate ourselves to other tasks. Keep cooking, reading, watching TV, studying, listening to music, taking a nap and much more.

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In preparing this bread we use very common ingredients, no sourdough or similar things (yet), but with wheat flour, water, salt and yeast . The latter can be dry or fresh. The quantities of both are indicated in the list of ingredients, use whatever you have on hand. The process does not vary from one to the other.

This rustic homemade wheat bread is perfect for slicing and enjoying it at breakfast , toasted and with the toppings that you like the most. But you can also prepare delicious sandwiches with it or, of course, consume as is to accompany the meal. He loses us with fried eggs. How do you feel like it?

Preparation of rustic bread dough

  1. In a deep and wide container, mix the flour with the salt, stirring well so that they are evenly distributed.
  2. In another container we pour the water and heat it in about 10 seconds in the microwave.
  3. We have to leave it warm, without going over the temperature or we will spoil the yeast due to the effect of excessive heat.
  4. Add the dry yeast from the bakery and stir until it has completely melted. About 2 minutes approximately.
  5. We open a hole in the center of the container with the flour and salt and pour the mixture of water and yeast inside.
  6. Gently remove in circular movements while adding the flour to the liquid and form a kind of porridge that will become thicker each time.
  7. When we can no longer stir, we transfer the dough to a counter and work it with clean hands.

Kneading and rustic bread shape

  1. Knead for 10 minutes until the dough is smooth and elastic, from time to time making folds taking the outside of the dough and folding on itself towards the center.
  2. We grease the container that we have used to make the mixture and deposit the dough inside.
  3. We cover with a clean and dry kitchen cloth and let it rest for a couple of hours in a warm place and away from drafts. At this time the dough will ferment and rise, that is, its volume will increase.
  4. After the resting time we dump the dough back on the table, sprinkled with a little flour, and degassing kneading for a few seconds.
  5. We shape the dough, either by rolling it or stretching it slightly so that it is oval, and we deposit it on a baking sheet covered with vegetable paper.
  6. Sprinkle with flour to give it a more rustic appearance.
  7. With a well-sharpened knife we ​​make a couple of cuts on the surface, not too deep, and cover the dough again with the rag that we used previously.
  8. We let it sit for another hour in a warm place.

Baking and final presentation of rustic bread

  1. When this second leaven has finished, we put the tray in the oven, preheated to 250º C with heat up and down.
  2. We spray with a water spray twice every 5 minutes, that is, the first 10 minutes.
  3. Then we lower the oven temperature to 220º C and cook for 30 minutes until our bread is well toasted.
  4. We remove the tray from the oven, turn the bread and knock the base with the knuckles. If it sounds hollow, the bread is ready. Otherwise we return it to the oven and cook for a few more minutes.

You can see all the photos of the recipe in the step by step recipe of easy and rustic bread . If you have doubts, follow the photos and you will get a perfect bread.

Tips for a perfect rustic wheat bread, quick and easy

  • We will make this bread in 1 hour, but it needs 3 hours of rest.
  • For this bread to be perfect there is nothing else to do other than respect the kneading, baking and oven times.
  • The ideal temperature for the fermentation of the dough is between 23-26 ºC. In case of making this bread in a cold place or when there are low temperatures, we can place the container with the dough next to the radiator so that it ferments and mild in conditions.
  • Another option is to turn the oven on to a minimum, turn it off and insert the container inside.
  • Let the bread cool completely before slicing, to allow time for the crumb to settle.

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