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Baharat What is it and how is it made? Properties and uses in the kitchen

Baharat What is it and how is it made? Properties and uses in the kitchen

people icon For 6 euro icon € 0.74 /pers. calories icon 75 kcal/100g


  • 3 g cardamom seeds
  • 5g cloves
  • 3 g black peppercorns
  • 5 g coriander seeds
  • 3 g turmeric powder
  • 1 g nutmeg powder
  • 8 g sweet paprika powder
  • 1 g chili powder
  • 1 g cinnamon zest

Baharat is a spice mixture of Arabic origin widely used in North Africa and the Middle East. Spices are a true fantasy and, without them, our recipes would be very bland. In the West we are accustomed to using few spice mixtures, although we handle quite a few.

What would our dishes be without black pepper, garlic powder, paprika or basil? There was little we could do. But more and more we are discovering mixtures of spices that give an exotic and delicious flavor to foods , such as Chaat masala or the exotic Tandoori masala with which the well-known tandori chicken is seasoned.

Today we are going to talk to you about baharat , what it is, what properties it has, how to make it at home easily and how we can use it. If, like us, you love spices and are looking for new flavors, try seasoning with baharat. I’m sure the result will be delicious.

What is baharat?

As we have already mentioned before, baharat is a mixture of spices of Arabic origin that is used in North Africa and the Middle East. It is a perfect mixture to season different dishes . It pairs very well with grilled vegetables and fish , although we can also use it in legume stews , in lamb and chicken dishes or even to season salads .

The spices used for baharat are very easy to find. To make it we will only need cardamom, cloves, black pepper, coriander, turmeric, nutmeg, sweet paprika, chili powder and cinnamon . All the ingredients can be found in most supermarkets and stores and, if we spend a few minutes, we will have a spectacular mixture of spices to accompany our recipes.

Properties of baharat

Spices, in the right amount, help the human body digest food, which makes us have less difficult digestion . Apart from this, each of the ingredients has various beneficial properties for the human body. Cardamom is rich in vitamins C and E and helps detoxify the body. Clove has antibacterial , anesthetic and aphrodisiac properties. Coriander is a diuretic and high in vitamins C and K and cinnamon is beneficial for cholesterol.

The quantities we consume of these foods are minimal and of course they are not a substitute for other foods that offer the same vitamins and minerals, but it is a plus that never hurts for our body.

How to make baharat at home

  1. First we toast the cardamom seeds, black pepper and coriander over medium heat in a frying pan without oil. This way we enhance the flavor and aroma of the spices.
  2. When they are toasted, we grind the seeds in the grinder until they become powder. When we have them, we add them with the rest of the spices, mixing everything well so that they are united.
  3. We keep them in an airtight jar and ready to use.

Tips for a perfect baharat

  • If we store the baharat in an airtight container , it will last 6 months with its aroma and flavor. If not, in a week you will lose a lot.
  • We can sift the spices to achieve a more homogeneous result.
  • We can add more spices to our baharat to achieve different nuances. Mint, saffron or dried roses are a sure hit.

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