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Tricks and tips for baking with Nordic Ware molds and unmolding a Bundt Cake

Tricks and tips for baking with Nordic Ware molds and unmolding a Bundt Cake

The mold is one of the great allies of pastry chefs . If, like us, you have launched yourself into the wonderful world of cakes and biscuits, you surely already have more than one mold to make these delicious sweets. Whether it is a delicious chocolate cake or a spectacular carrot cake , much of the success depends on the mold we use.

Cakes are very simple to make , but if we want to achieve perfection, there are some things we must have mastered. Adjusting the amount of dough or cream for each cake is one of the great tricks of bakers to make their cakes turn out great, as well as a series of mistakes to avoid when making cakes . Nowadays, bundt cake molds have become fashionable , as they allow us to create spectacular shapes for simple cakes and thus give an extra touch to our pastries.

Below we are going to give you a series of tips for using the Nordic Ware molds and how to unmold a bundt cake and make it look perfect. They are very easy tricks that will make our lives much easier. If you like baking and have not yet dared to use this type of molds, don’t think twice and give them a chance. They are a true fantasy to create all kinds of shapes in our cakes.

Tips for baking with Nordic Ware molds

There are several tricks for baking with Nordic Ware molds so that we have dream desserts.

  • When we pour the dough into the Nordic Ware mold, it is important to do it on its side , allowing the dough to distribute itself throughout all the nooks and crannies of the mold. This way we will avoid creating air bubbles that can spoil the final result. When we have poured all the dough, we will tap it on the countertop so that it is completely distributed and any remaining air that may remain comes out.
  • When baking with the Nordic Wave mold, we will place it in the central part of the oven on a rack . This way the air will circulate through the central hole and give it the spongy texture that we are looking for in these cakes. When the baking time is over, we let it rest for 10 minutes at room temperature .
  • Less time may cause it to be still too hot and break when unmolded, but if we leave it longer, the heat will condense and spoil our cake. After these 10 minutes, we lightly tap it on one side and the cake will come out on its own, without help.
  • We should not use spoons or other tools to unmold it, as we may scratch the bowl and destroy the cake.
  • Once unmolded, we let it cool and, when it is at room temperature, we can decorate it, eat it or store it.

Conservation of a bundt cake

If we keep it in plastic wrap and eat it overnight, the flavor and texture will be much better than eating it freshly made. These cakes keep without problem for three days. If after that, you still have leftovers, you can freeze them wrapped in plastic wrap and they will last up to 6 months .

How to unmold a bundt cake?

Unmolding a bundt cake is very simple, but we may encounter some problems. For this we have some tips that will help us.

  • The first of them is that we must use cake recipes that are consistent so that the shape of the mold remains without problem and does not break when we remove it from the mold.
  • Greasing the mold well is another trick that will ensure that our cake does not break completely when taken out of the mold. To grease it well, we can use a release spray, which works very well, or we can choose to spread the mold with butter and flour to do it at home. It is not advisable to use olive oil or margarine since there may be remains that end up breaking our cake.
  • If our bundt cake still does not come out perfectly, it is possible that the cake’s baking time is not long enough . For a bundt cake, the usual time is 50 or 60 minutes at 180º C. If we bake it for less than that time, it will break completely when we take it out, so it is better to bake more than less.
  • To know if a bundt cake is ready, we must look at the edges of the mold. If the dough separates a few millimeters from the edge, our cake is ready.
  • Another option if our mold does not release well is that it is scratched on the inside . If any scratches or pits occur inside the mold, it will lose its qualities.

It is best not to use any tool to unmold it, but if we are going to use one, it should be silicone or wood, never metal.

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