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Pisco Sour. Peruvian cocktail

Pisco Sour. Peruvian cocktail


  • Easy
  • 15 minutes
  • For 1 people
  • 1.8 € / person
  • 202kcal per 100g.

How to make a Pisco Sour .

From the sea the grouper and from Peru the Pisco Sour , right? Of course, yes, citrus, ceviche , tiger’s milk and a trip for the palate without leaving home, who can refuse?

Like the margarita in Mexico or the Caipirinha in Brazil, the Pisco leads Peru, celebrating the first day of Pisco Sour every first Saturday in February.

If you want to know a little more about its history, read on to see if we can encourage you to prepare it at home.

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History of the Pisco Sour

Pisco was first prepared in 1920 in the “Morris bar” of the historic Jirón de la Unión de Lima.

Pisco real is made from distilled quebranta grapes , which, curiously, is a grape variety that comes from two Spanish grapes imported to Peru by monks, how do you stay?

The level of this alcohol, pisco, is of a quality at the level that whiskeys, tequilas or rums of the best categories and precisely based on this liquor the famous Pisco Sour is prepared, and only its name makes it appetizing.

Despite the fact that the “Morris bar” was closed in 1929, this did not prevent the cocktail from going viral worldwide and evolving as we know it today after gradually improving its recipe by adding egg white, narrow bitterness and thus making it Heritage cultural culture of the nation . Wow, that Pisco is an institution.

The name is born when you decide to put together the words pisco and sour, the latter in reference to cocktails accompanied by lemon.

Pisco Sour recipe

To make Pisco you only need Pisco (obviously), lemon juice, sugar syrup and egg white.

Its preparation is similar to the daiquiri but adding the white, so we must shake the shaker well to get it assembled.

Preparation of the Pisco Sour

  1. We put the ice in a cocktail shaker next to the pisco, the lime juice and the sugar syrup. Shake for a few minutes.
  2. Shake well, strong and fearless. The white has to mount and you will see how the white foam is formed. We decorate optionally with a few drops of narrowness or a cherry.
  3. We serve in a tall glass of 24 cl ice cream. and if you get rich, get another one!

Tips for a Pisco Sour of yummy

  • Remember that these measures are only for a cocktail, if you have guests you will have to do them and shake them one by one, but this way you will at least save yourself going to the gym.
  • If you have not bought or cannot find the syrup or sugar syrup, you can make it at home. Just put the same amount of sugar and water in a small saucepan. In this case it will be 7.5 g of sugar and 7.5 ml of water. Let the syrup form and let cool.
  • It can also be done with an American mixer, turmix, blender, food processor (type Thx) … it is not the real cocktail but the result is effective. It all depends on how many you have to prepare.

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